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Now, I'm not entirely sure if my title is correct but as long as I make sense then I hope that's fine. this is more of something that I've been really wanting to share since I felt like maybe others could use it as well. 

Let's say you're having an Art Block and you can't seem to draw anything. you have to wait till you're " inspired" to do something. To be honest when you really think about it, it's not really all that hard to break the artist block. you don't really need to be inspired to do something. in fact what you really need is motivation. you don't always have to draw your usual or use the same medium or even color the same way all the time. you have to remember what Art is. it's "fun". no matter how you put it, you're pouring out your creativity regardless whatever you might be using it for. 

that Fan that you have in your room right now? why not draw that? what's that? it's not something you'd normally draw? well all more you should try drawing it then!:D take note that preference can stand in the way of our creativity it's what makes us so ill hearted on certain works. be it anime art from the 80s and 90s to the 20s. it's what limits your ideas, it's what makes you wish things where like the old days, it's what makes you uninspired to... do anything.

now you have to also realize that it's not bad to have preference. you can have your niche, you can have your own style developed from the things that you really like. but what you should NOT do is let those control and take over your creativity limiting yourself and making yourself feel so uninspired. preference is a good and a bad thing. but you have to make sure to use it for something that would benefit you rather than it controlling you. 

so  for example: if you're hating that new sonic game that's coming out or even the Tv series. why? is it because the Sonic characters look weird and not the same? or you just don't like sonic in general? that's your preference speaking. enjoy things for what they are not for what they could be. in order for you to really enjoy something you have to engage in it first. rumors are just rumors and gossip is just gossip until you find out yourself. why be judgmental on something you don't even know. that is a common issue that im sure a lot need to address. I wanted to share this because personally it has helped me immensely not having this sort of judgment on things rather just taking it for what it is and enjoy it. I feel like a kid again where I can get easily inspired to draw a lot of things even if it inspires me a little. Motivation gets kicked up as well and you feel excited for anything. it's a nice feeling.

now preference does come up sometimes. i'm human it happens. but I at least remember to give that thing a chance. and actually try. 

so try something new! Enjoy it and make fanart of it! the thing is Just do it! if you really want to improve, you have to explore and enjoy... everything! 

Feel Free to follow me on:

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by the way :iconnemoy: I'm almost done with your trade! sorry it's taking so long i've been so busy!

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